Body Sculpting

Our combined therapies of 3D Lipo and Edermologie can really help towards acheiving your body goals asthetically

We specialise in using the most advanced technology and treatments available on the market to achieve outstanding results. Nothing beats these therapies for body contouring.

Using the most up-to-date technology, coupled with comprehensive training and experience in their application, we can help create that beautiful new you. These specialised beauty treatments at Fuss will help to improve your appearance and really make you glow.

3D Lipo Logo

3D LIPO is a powerhouse when it comes to reducing body fat by destroying fat cells and shaping the body.

Involving no surgery or downtime yet achieving excellent body sculpting results it often makes headlines and is raved over by celebrities. It offers multiple treatment options and methods for contouring.

CRYOLIPOLYSIS - Fat Freezing Treatment


Fat Freezing

By dropping the temperature in a targeted area it effectively destroys fat cells which are then disposed of naturally by the body in the weeks following the treatment.

A very safe, comfortable and effective way to target stubborn pockets of fat. Generally in one treatment around 20-40% of the fat cells in the targeted area die. Typical treatment time 1 hour results visible from 4-5 weeks Typical areas are lower abdomen, muffin tops, thighs and arms.

1 Area – £99

(individual session)

2 Areas – £159

(individual session)

CAVITATION - Fat Cell Reduction Treatment


Fat Cell Reduction

Comfortable relaxing treatment uses ultrasonic waves to rupture fat cells which are then turned into liquid and disposed of by the body as waste. Best results are in a course of weekly treatments. You’ll feel a difference even after one treatment. Typical areas are tummy, bum, and thighs. Shockwave add on for cavitation for even more speedier, epic results +£10

(Recommended as a course of 8).

30 mins – £45

(individual session)

40 mins – £55

(individual session)

Radio Frequency Treatment


Skin tightening and smoothing

Uses radio waves to heat the tissues in the skin structure and effectively cause the collagen fibres to contract and produce new collagen. The perfect solution to tighten loose skin.

(Recommended in a course of 8).

30 mins – £45

(individual session)

45 mins – £55

(individual session)

Shock Ice Treatment


Activates metabolism & blood flow

ShockIce is a combined fat freeze and shockwave treatment for superior and faster results.

An amazing addition which dramatically speeds up the results from the above treatments by shrinking fats, activating metabolism and increasing the blood supply to the area.

1 Area – £119

(individual session)

2 Areas – £160

(individual session)

3D Lipo Packages

Results from 3D LIPO are best when used as combination therapy as it allows us to destroy fat cells in targeted areas whilst tightening and smoothing skin. A thorough consultation to determine your desired results and treatment needs will produce a plan of action which will often involve a mix of all above therapies. When used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise, even better results can be achieved.

Bum Lift Treatment
Bum Lift

Course of 8 treatments using a combination of all above therapies to achieve results specifically to lift the bum.


Thigh Gap Treatment
Thigh Gap

Course 8 treatments concentration on inner thighs using a combination of all therapies.


Mum Tummy Treatment
Mum Tum

Course of 8 treatments using a combination of all above therapies to achieve results specifically to lift the bum.


LPG Endermologie Hero
LPG Endermologie Hero

LPG Endermologie is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of cellulite treatments, it's an advanced patented system with proven technology that works to reduce cellulite and fluid retention, helping to shape the body.

LPG Endermologie

How does it work? Using a treatment head containing Specialised rollers designed to move at different speeds and directions the areas of concerned are worked over. The result is a deep manipulation of the soft tissue resulting in hard stubborn fat cells being smoothed and excess fluid retention being drained by the body through the lymph system.

Cellulite which we all have and hate is the result of both fat storage and water retention in the body making this the perfect treatment for targeting this concern. It’s also a fantastic treatment for clients who exercise heavily as can aid in the removal of lactic acid built up in the muscles, therefore relieving heavy tired legs.

Course of 10 recommended. Ideally 2-3 treatments a week.







LPG Endermologie Hero
LPG Endermologie Hero