Cancellation Policy

At Fuss we understand that sometimes with busy lives schedules change and circumstances beyond our control mean you may need to cancel your appointment or you aren’t able to make it on time.

Updated 12 March 2021 by Fuss

We always try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate this however to ensure the availability of appointments for everyone the following policy applies:

A minimum of 24hours notice is required of cancellation or change in treatment. If the cancellation is less that’s this we will endeavour to fill the space but if this isn’t possible then the full cost of the appointment will be charged.

Late arrivals

Arriving more than a few minutes late for your appointment means we cannot spend the time we need to give you the best treatment and impacts the the next clients treatment. For example 10 mins late on a 30 min service is a third of the time needed and therefore it’s not feasible to complete the whole service.

Although these policies may be frustrating for clients we have a duty of care to everyone who is booked in for their service to be completed on time.

We appreciate your support and understanding of this very important policy.