Whether you’re looking for the Best Brazilian wax in town, or a 'No Heroics' tidy up of the foliage, you’ve come to the right place!

As a talented expert waxer specialising in hot wax (with 25 years experience) you’ll be pleased to know in good hands. Combining quality and professionalism, whilst using the best quality products means results are never compromised.

I‘m proud that my client base travel far and wide for their appointments. Once you’ve experienced your perfect wax you’ll never want to use a razor again!

Below is a detailed description of each service, so you can book the right one for you.

Womens Hair Removal

You’ll be welcomed in relaxing and comfortable surroundings which helps to take any ‘ouch’ out of your wax.

Hollywood Waxing

The Hollywood

This is everything off including front and back, inner/outer labia, bum fluff and back of thighs if needed.



The Brazilian

Everything off except a landing strip at the front. Includes bum fluff and inner thigh.


Bikini Waxing

It’s all Thong

A tapered triangle left to enable no visible hair at sides or back when wearing a thong or high leg panties. Includes inner thighs but doesn’t include inner labia.


Intimate Waxinng

No Heroics

A basic wax to tidy up the sides to crease of leg tidying up any escapees from sides of standard panties.


Leg Waxing


Full Leg – £22

From the edge of the leg crease, all the way down.

3/4 Leg – £16

Mid thigh and down.

1/2 Leg – £12

From the top of the knee down.

Arm and Underarm Waxing


Underarm – £10

Banish the underarm foliage.

Full Arm – £13

Taming those 'Chewbacca' arms.

Facial Waxing


Lips – £5

Chin – £5

Lips & Chin – £9

Sides of Face – £8

Mens hair removal

Many men use some kind of hair removal and it is increasing in popularity. Mens back/chest waxing and eyebrow waxing are just a couple of the most common hair removal treatments.

We are well-trained in working with men and understand that for many men it will be their first foray into male waxing, we also understand that sometimes a man's pain threshold is lower than a woman's.

At Fuss we use hot wax or strip wax depending on what is going to suit your particular circumstances best.

Using wax for hair removal is a great alternative to other methods such as shaving or using depilatory creams. After waxing your skin will be left smooth and hair free for up to 4 weeks or more.

Mens Waxing

Mens Hair Removal Pricing

Please note that there is a flexible pricing structure in place for male waxing. Initial waxing attracts the higher fee due to the increased amount of product needed for thicker male hair. For regular waxers, the fees may be reduced to the lower level depending on the amount of hair re-grown.

Mens Full Body Waxing

Full Body Waxing

Includes full arms, chest, back, underarm, and full leg. Please choose one of the below intimate waxing options – without or with.

WITHOUT Intimate

(No intimate waxing)


WITH Intimate

(Intimate waxing included)


Chest and Abs Waxing

Chest & Abs

All hair removed off both full chest, abdomen, back and shoulders.


Male Brazilian Waxing


All off with pubic triangle left.


Male Hollywood Waxing


All off including pubic triangle.


Back and Shoulder Waxing

Back & Shoulders

All hair removed on back and shoulders.